Hayleys Consumer awards the winners of the Philips CFL competition

The award ceremony of the Philips CFL promotion “Buy Two and Win a House” was held at the company premises on the 11th of October 2012. Prizes were awarded to the 11 winners by the Managing Director of Hayleys Consumer Products Ltd Mr. Sarath Ganegoda and Mr. Rahaman Zubair Chief Executive Officer.
Ms. Deraniyagala from Kamburupitiya was the winner of the grand prize of a brand new house. The 10 consolation prize winners received brand new motor bikes each.
Speaking at the occasion Mr. Rahaman Zubair said “Philips Lighting is a world leader in lighting because the brand gives leadership to the industry through its cutting edge technology. Philips bulbs are noted for its lighting efficiency and its CFL range is known to deliver savings in terms of lower power consumption than the label claim and more light output per wattage. Philips CFL’s also uses recycled mercury as a means to reduce the consumer carbon foot print and be as environmentally friendly as technology would permit.”
Philips Lighting is the leading provider of lighting solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets, transforming how lighting is used to enhance the human experience in the places where people live and work, whether at home, on the road, in the city, shopping, at work or at school, the brand creates lighting solutions that transform environments, create experiences, and help shape identities.
Philips Lighting has been the technical partner in many world iconic lighting projects from stadium lighting to city lighting and iconic landmarks winning many awards for innovation. The most recent being the award for “Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize” or “L Prize” for design, performance excellence and positive impact on the environment awarded by the US Department of Energy – for the LED 60 watt replacement bulb category which was released on Earth Day 2012.
“Thus the Sri Lankan consumer can be assured that by using a Philips bulb they are guaranteed a truly quality product that outlives and out delivers its competitors in savings and quality,” Mr. Zubair went on to say.
Hayleys Consumer is a subsidiary of Hayleys PLC which also markets and distributes a wide range of world renowned brands in personal care, photo imaging, lighting, health care, and home care which entails bands like Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Gillette, Olay, Pampers, Whisper, Tide, Fujifilm, Philips lighting, Pringles, 3M and GP Batteries.



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