SLIM Speech Idol – The Ultimate Hunt for Public Speaking Talents in the Marketing Fraternity

SLIM Speech Idol is a flourishing platform for sales and marketing personnel to showcase, and shine, in the exciting area of public speaking. Organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), together with SLIM Toastmasters, SLIM Speech Idol is now in its third season.

Commencing in 2012, Season 1 and 2 of SLIM Speech Idol were overwhelming success, ultimately fulfilling the need for improving public speaking abilities among sales and marketing professionals. This iconic and unique public speaking platform is currently opened to Sales and Marketing professionals, students of the industry, and even those who are sitting for their A/L& above the age of 16 years.

This competition follows the globally accepted guidelines of Toastmasters International. Since SLIM Speech Idol is specifically geared towards offering the highest levels of professionalism on each aspect, it includes training and development of contestants, and ensuring the contestants continue to grow even after the conclusion of the cycle of SLIM Speech Idol.

Importantly, contestants at SLIM Speech Idol Season 3 will be judged by an eminent panel, which comprises of over 50 judges at various stages of the competition. SLIM President Upul Adikari said, “The SLIM Speech Idol Season 3, the National Speech Contest, is a perfect platform where a sense of humanity, togetherness and development helps contestants to be far more professional, talented, valued and popular. I trust that you will encourage your children, friends, colleagues and others to be part of this contest which is the most awaited public speaking contest of the year.”

“In recognizing of the void for marketers to showcase their communication abilities and talents, SLIM Toastmasters gave birth to the popular & SLIM Speech Idol&  providing a splendid opportunity for marketers to prove their supremacy in oratory skills. Whilst winning an accolade is invaluable, the participation itself is a demonstration of one’s courage and psychological formation of becoming a prominent speaker. It is indeed an accomplishment by the individual,” said SLIM CEO Sanath Senanayake.

SLIM Speech Idol Season 3 Project Chairman, Farhan Imamudeen commented, “Budding public speakers in Sri Lanka are warmly welcome to be a part of this much awaited contest. SLIM Speech Idol will surely be a flourishing platform for all the sales and marketing personnel who have been good speakers throughout their lives, to win a title and to reward their talents.”

SLIM Toastmasters President Jacintha Mani stated; “As the president of SLIM Toastmasters Club, I am honoured in inviting you to register for the contest and explore the cocoon we have built for you to discover your public speaking skills, build confidence and find the public speaker in you. Spread your wings in the public speaking arena and explore the possibilities in the field of marketing.”

SLIM Speech Idol Season 3 Chief Judge Zameen M. Saleem noted, “SLIM Toastmasters club has been providing a very friendly and encouraging environment for aspiring and practicing marketing professionals to learn this important life skill. From the inception this club has been engaged in promoting effective communication as a life tool. This provides a very competitive environment to help someone hone their learned skills, providing a platform to speak to a larger audience and boosting their confidence to the next level.”

In addition to the national recognition, cash prizes of Rs. 75,000, Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 30,000 will be awarded to the winner, first and second runners-up, respectively.  Entries are now opened and registrations will close on 13 th January 2016. For further details please call 0712412415/0711746869 or visit our facebook fan page at



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