B.R.J.W Launches LifeSaver Purification Equipment in Sri Lanka

B.R.J.W Enterprises in collaboration with LifeSaver UK launches the state of the art Water Purification Equipment in Sri Lanka. The launch took place on the 10 th of March at Ministry of Finance with Hon.Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake providing leadership and for the programme.

Lifesaver Water Purification equipment has military grade patent filters in its products that can filter all Viruses, Bacteria, Cysts and Harmful Arsenic and Cadmium. Arsenic and Cadmium a waste product of Fertilizer is one of the main cause of Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka that has effected over 20,000 families and as much as 400,000 people.

The Lifesaver Jerrycan can purify over 20,000 litres of any source of water and provide clean drinking water in a few seconds and uses no electricity or chemicals for the purification. The water tested through the products has the World Health Organization Certification and the highest industry standard for filtration and membrane technology the NSF Standard.

The Jerrycan can provide a family of 4 clean drinking water for more than 3 years where at the time all it would need is a filter replacement. The purification jerrycan can be filled with any type of water such as brackish, sewage, waste and pesticide mixed and in a simple operation provides safe clean drinking water.

Stuart Elson of LifeSaver UK conducted a demonstration for the Hon Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and the media proving its effectiveness by mixing Beira Lake water with sewage water and providing clean drinking water.

Lifesaver has been providing this state of the art purification equipment to Oxfam, US Army and Navy Seals, British Army, Malaysia, Columbia, Haiti and Philippines to name a few where it has been a unimaginable success. The indestructible feature of the jerrycan can be used in any disaster situation where it can also be dropped off by Air up to 40 ft while having the water intact.

B.R.J.W Enterprises the exclusive agent of LifeSaver Sri Lanka said its excited to work on this project with the Government that will provide clean drinking water to the citizens of Sri Lanka who currently do not have access to it and are affected by the chronic kidney disease.



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