Communique PR aligns values to new-age socio-eco challenges

A Public Relations consultancy with a vision to promote sustainable advocacy and market intel

Communique PR, a vibrant, fresh Public Relations firm, spearheaded by Aravinda Indrajith denoted that their core values as a public relations agency are aligned toward the new-age socio-eco communication challenges; which intricate sustainable communication strategies that are more focused on authenticity, community and transparency building impact.

General Manager, Aravinda Indrajith elaborating their corporate vision, stated “As communication and a strategic consulting firm, we believe it is essential to go back to sharing a sense of purpose with your customer as the only way to create a lasting relationship and value resulting in impactful stakeholder relations. In the millennial, Gen Z context where the market is changing with climate change constraints, resources availability and massive urbanization, the role of consumers have also evolved to new social communication tools. IT has shifted controlled information sharing to more sustainable communication strategies. Which is the underlying concept with which we counsel our clientele”

Communique PR stands strong with its focus on the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit for the greater good as their sustainable vision. Through the practice of radical transparency, whereby everything the company does is transparent and visible to the consumer and community at large.

Aravinda further added that “Our attempt to be radically transparent to all our stakeholders is built with the hope that in the long run, it would contribute to strengthening Communique PR’s credibility as a sustainable brand.”

Communique PR consists of a dynamic team of like-minded individuals who are eager to serve the brands with communication and positive solutions including crisis communication, stakeholder relations, digital, influencer and social media relations that would, in turn, connect them with new target markets such as visual and social driven millennial as well as the traditional markets.

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