New York travel magazine says Lanka is the best island to visit in 2019

The North American travel magazine Travel + Leisure has recently ranked Sri Lanka as the best island to visit in 2019.

The New York-based Travel + Leisure releases its World’s Best Awards series annually, highlighting on islands, cities, hotels, and cruises that have gained approval from the magazine’s jet-setting readers. The magazine’s writer Rebecca Ascher-Walsh said Sri Lanka’s wildlife, marine life, beaches, and tea plantations make it a place to visit this year.
“Located just south of India, this roughly 25,000-square-mile island tempts travelers with a diversity of experiences. Along the stunning coastline, the marine national parks make this destination a surfer’s, snorkeler’s, and diver’s dream. Inland, tea plantations await exploration, as do wildlife parks, teeming with animals, including elephants, monkeys, and one of the world’s largest populations of leopards,” Travel + Leisure described the island.
It added, “After the terrorist attacks in April, Sri Lanka’s booming tourism industry has taken a hit, but the island country is on the mend – and as glorious as ever to visit. It’s worth clearing your calendar to spend as much time as possible on this 25,000-square-mile jewel, located off the coast of India.”
Sri Lanka topped the list of 15 best islands beating the Maldives, Greek islands, Palawan Island in the Philippines, Fiji, and Maui in Hawaii with a score of 92.12 out of 100. Palawan Island in the Philippines was ranked second, while Bali in Indonesia secured the third spot in the list.

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