Honda Dio generates highest recorded sales in local scooter market

Honda Dio, scooter, imported and marketed locally by Stafford Motor Company, has achieved a recorded market share of around 60%  in the overall scooter market of Sri Lanka.

According to the sales records of Stafford Motor Company, around five hundred thousand Honda Dio scooters have been sold among many Sri Lankan scooter enthusiast, to date. The Honda Dio Scooter, manufactured according to the impeccable Japanese technological expertise, was released to the local market in 2007.

As such, the sales of Honda Dio has shown an exhilarating growth in the past years to achieve the record level sales proportion. Thereby, Honda Dio has become the ultimate pioneer in establishing scooters as a trend among Sri Lankans, withstanding the demand for all other existing two-wheeler brands in Sri Lanka.Dr.Kalinga Kaluperuma, Managing Director of Stafford Motor Company denoted, “Honda Dio has become the favorite family vehicle among mainstream Sri Lankans as it enables swift and easy rides for any member of a family along with high-level fuel efficiency. In addition, the attractive design of Honda Dio & the renowned cosmetic of the scooter brand is also a key demarcator for the product becoming no 1 in the Sri Lankan scooter market.

Honda Dio with its high resale value is adaptable for both urban and rural commute and includes special features such as tubeless tires, Digital meter with eco-speed indicator, service indicator, switch activated seat lock system as well as the LED headlamp and the Position lamp on the front apron.”Honda Dio also uses the specially developed Honda Eco-Technology which improves combustion. It also optimizes the transmission and minimizes the friction which enhances engine power and fuel efficiency. It also helps in improving combustion by using highly ignitable nickel spark plug and optimized inlet port that plummets any harmful gas emissions. It should be thus highlighted that,  Honda Dio is a scooter that has been manufactured with an environmentally friendly impact,” added Dr. Kaluperuma.

Another important factor in the high-level sales is the islandwide authorized dealer chain, which exceeds 500 contact points which enables easy after-sales, repair and purchase of the spare parts. Stafford Motor Company has been one of the oldest Honda distributorships amongst the network of worldwide Honda distributors. For nearly four decades, precisely for 42 years, the company has consistently strived to provide an unparalleled level of service and surpass customers’ expectations.

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