‘National Innovation Agency’…

The Government is to set up a new ‘National Innovation Agency’ to promote innovation and research to support national economic goals. The Bill to provide for the establishment of the National Innovation Agency was published in the Gazette last week on the orders of the President.

The proposed Agency is tasked with making recommendations to the Government to initiate and fund National Innovation Programmes to support a creative economy. It will also make recommendations to the Government to formulate national policies oo innovation.

The objectives of setting up the new Agency include “promoting a better understanding of social innovation, science and technology innovation, defense innovation, eco-innovation and service innovation, and their impact on the economy”. The administration and management of the affairs of the Agency will be vested in a Steering Council.

The proposed Agency is tasked with identifying obstacles in the public and private sectors that hamper innovation while ensuring that national research is aligned with and contributes to the economy and national economic goals. It will support and facilitate innovation in the private sector.

The scope of innovation promoted by the new Agency also extends to indigenous or traditional knowledge and non-patentable creations or improvements deserving promotion and protection.

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