Special train service from Kandy to Fort…

General Manager of Railways Dilantha Fernando said that a new train from Kandy to Colombo will be operated from yesterday. The train will leave Kandy at 4.30 am and the same train will depart Colombo Fort to Kandy at 5.20 pm. The General Manager of the Railways Department said the Transport Ministry had made arrangements to import eight new power sets and one of those imported power sets is deployed for service on the Colombo-Kandy route from yesterday.

Three more power sets are due to arrive in the country next month. These power sets have been imported from China and India, the General Manager of Railways said. A newly imported state-of-the-art Chinese S-14 power locomotive, specially designed to operate in the hill country, was deployed for the service from Colombo Fort to Badulla on November 1st.

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