In 60 days 14022 houses to be built

The accelerated National housing project Gamata Geyak – Ratata Hetak which will see the construction of 14022 houses within the next 60 days was launched under the auspices of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in Kurunegala on Saturday. Under the theme of ‘A house for every village; a better future for the country,’ it is envisioned that 14,022 houses which are to be constructed by the National Housing Development Authority will see a destitute family in each of the 14,022 Grama Sevaka divisions being afforded a house of their own.

“At first sight, this may seem like an ordinary house yet what the project plans to achieve is to build double the number of homes than which was envisioned during the last four years in a short span of time,” Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said while speaking at the event.“For every family that lives under a thatched roof, we owe them a house of their own. Because to live in such a manner is akin to living on rent for the rest of their lives.” he said.

The Prime Minister in his speech at Weerawawa in Kurunegala assured that the program will not be divided or discriminate based on party politics, religion or ethnicity.“During the last four years, when houses were built in Hambantota, posters put up in Jaffna. If all the money spent on publicity was diverted to actually building houses, we would have fever homeless people,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister invited future home owners to be part and parcel of the process of building a house of their own. Referring to the upcoming General Election the Prime Minister remarked that today there were more Parliamentarians in the Opposition then there was in the ruling party of the country’s government.“We are a caretaker government but we are aware of the fact that we are outnumbered. Going forward we need a strong and stable Government which can only be achieved under the guidance and leadership of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa,” the Prime Minister added.

Commenting on the leadership crisis within the United National party, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa remarked that never before in history has he seen such greed for the position of the party leadership. “You need not be the leader to win the election. I was not a leader when I was elected. That came much later,” he said.

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