Pelwatte Dairy contributes to improving socio-economy states of local dairy farmers

local dairy milk producer, Pelwatte Dairy Industries Ltd., has taken initiative to uplift and empower the local dairy farmers and smallholders through multiple socio-economically empowering avenues rendered through the company’s Dairy Services and Extension field team.

As such, Pelwatte Dairy Industries has taken initiative to improve the socio-economic standards of the dairy farmers by offering competitive pricing for the raw milk through their islandwide milk collection centers.

“Many dairy manufacturing companies opt not to purchase milk products during the rainy season, where the scalability of yogurt sales depletes. Pelwatte Dairy Industries maintains that, despite varied climatic conditions, their commitment to uplift the livelihoods of the dairy farmers is of utmost importance. Which is categorically the main reason for Pelwatte Dairy Industries to continue to purchase milk from the farmers, regardless of the seasonal turbulences,” stated Ariyaseela Wickramanayake, Chairman, Pelwatte Dairy Industries.

Currently, the dairy giant purchases from a pool of over 10,000 dairy farmers and the network continue to grow. Pelwatte Dairy Industry asserts to keep on promoting the local dairy industry and enriching the lives of the local dairy farmers.

Another important venture of Pelwatte Dairy Industries in their initiative on training and knowledge sharing with the local dairy farmers on important facets of dairy farming. This includes areas such as the cultivation of fodder grasses, forage and silage. Undoubtedly, knowledge and understanding of these factors are essential, in terms of providing a balanced high energy diet to the milking cows. This would, in turn, improve the per cow yield and productivity.

“Our purpose through the whole process of heralding best and latest practices of the modern-day dairy farming industry to the local farmers, be it breeding, milking, reproduction or husbandry; is that the farmers are transferred the benefit of high ROI, with lower production costs, and enhanced productivity. In simpler terms, our cornerstone as spearheads of the local dairy industry is that we serve the local farmers to yield higher profits,” stated Wickramanayake, while elaborating Pelwatte Dairy’s initiative to improve socio-economic standards of the local dairy farmers.

Wickramanayake further stated that the company’s vision is far fetched from the ideologies of financial gain but more on towards serving back to the nation,
“We are not engaging in dairy farmer training and knowledge sharing merely with a transactional notion, rather we factor in these requirements in our annual budgeting itself.”

Pelwatte Dairy Industries conduct regular training camps at their Training and Development farm in Buttala. The in-house training provides lodging and transportation for the farmers. Thus, the company takes charge of the whole process of enabling dairy farmers to gain the best training and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The company vouches that their business model gives the same levels of leverage to large scale farmers as well as small scale farmers, as such, there is no demarcation on the training opportunities provided to those who farm 2 to 3 cows to those who can farm 50 cows.

The ideology behind the training process of the dairy farmers for the Pelwatte Dairy Industries is that it would, in turn, pave way for the farmers to supply high quality and concentrated feed based on their animal feed plant, which can boost the output of the dairy cows. As such, Pelwatte Dairy Industries is focused on a sustainable business model that would enrich both the economies of the smallholders and farmers as well as the local dairy industry.

To strengthen the initiative of uplifting the socio-economic status of the local dairy farmers, Pelwatte Dairy Industries recently opened 04 new milk collection centers in Haputale, Ambagasdowa, Maoya and Padaviya. As of now, the company houses 40 milk collection centers across the island. These centers benefit the farmers, with hassle-free
and timely handing over of the collected milk, which evades the inconveniences faced by the farmers of remote areas such as Nuwareliya, Haputtale, Hatton, Batticaloa, Ampara, Trincomalee, North West region and etc.

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