Pelwatte Dairy Ensures Continuous milk collection from Dairy Farmers

Industry leading local dairy milk processor, Pelwatte Dairy Industries Ltd., while being highly concerned of the ongoing COVI19 situation in the country, has ensured that they would continue to collect milk from the local dairy farmers. The local dairy giant has made this pledge taking into consideration that the livelihoods of the dairy farmers are not affected despite the pandemic faced across the globe.

“One of our main concerns as a local milk processor is that we continue milk collection and continue with our manufacturing. The continuity of milk collection is essential for the dairy farmers, as their livelihoods depend on it. Which is why Pelwatte would fathom continuous milk collection, which in turn would ensure timely payments for the procured milk. Thereby, our motive is to confront any sort of negative impact on the livelihoods of the dairy farmers during this crisis period,” denoted Akmal Wickramanayake, Managing Director, Pelwatte Dairy Industries.

Taking the health risk of the situation into consideration, Pelwatte would take all the necessary precautions and will follow strict hygiene procedures during the manufacturing process, ascertaining that the staff and all stakeholders involved are well protected.

Explaining on the supply chain management during this period, Susantha Malwatte, Deputy General Manager ( Supply Chain and Marketing) of Pelwatte stated, “It is vital that we maintain our product flow during the tiring times and to keep ongoing with the supply chain, despite many dairy and dairy product manufacturing nations across globe being under the sage of the pandemic. As one of the fastest growing local dairy organizations, we will take measures to continue with the process of manufacturing the dairy products as well as distributing these products across all regions of Sri Lanka expect North Central, North and East Provinces.”

The dairy company highlighted that despite their efforts they have been struggling with the collection of the raw milk, due to additional circumstances such as limited resources that are available for the local dairy farmers and their inability to supply in adherence to the company requirements. However, the company continues to hold strong dairy collection points in Uva, Central, Eastern, North Central and North Western Provinces. The functionality of the milk collection centers in these areas have become vital at the face of the crisis.

Pelwatte manufactures all their products with a dairy base, this includes their frozen range developed only using 100 % dairy fats, with no added artificial flavors or additives in addition to the full cream milk powder. Pelwatte Dairy milk powder is manufactured through a mechanism where the complete production process is concluded in less than 24 hours and the company ensures that the product reach to the consumers and shop shelves within 72 hours.

Pelwatte’s own modern dairy manufacturing plant was established under the Danish technology and has the potential to produce different varieties of dairy products such as Milk Powder,( Full cream & Nonfat ) Sterilized Plain Milk ,Butter, yoghurt , yoghurt drink , curd ,ice cream & cow ghee, Pelwatte Dairy Industries’ Dairy processing plant is the first factory of its magnitude in the island owning ISO 22000-2005 certification.

About Pelwatte

Pelwatte Dairy Industries Ltd is a fast growing organization engaged in the manufacture and distribution of superior quality dairy products country-wide. Many growth areas have been identified and the Company is moving at a rapid pace to emerge as a force to reckon within the industry. Pelwatte Dairy Industries is engaged in producing milk products of international quality and the flagship Pelwatte brand enjoys the complete confidence of customers who have been our source of strength and motivation.

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