Kelani Cables PLC introduces ‘Kelani Masking Painter’s Tapes’ to Sri Lankan market

Kelani Cables PLC being the number one brand in secure electrical and communication cables in Sri Lanka constantly endeavour on innovations.

The company recently introduced ‘Kelani Masking Painter’s Tape’ to the local market, a product which has been needed by painters. What they needed was a revamped credible product by a reputed company that they can rely on.

There are two specialties in the product. The gum in the ‘Kelani Masking Painter’s Tape’ prevents it from sticking to already painted surfaces and when removing the tape after a new job, it doesn’t harm the surface which is newly painted. Hence the product will make the job easy for house and building painters and vehicle painters and offer a chance for them to do a better job.

‘Kelani Masking Painter’s Tapes’ come in two width sizes that are one inch and two inches. The length ranges from 14 meters to 40 meters. (1×14, 1×28, 2×14, 1×40) Channa Jayasinghe, Brand Development Manager, Kelani Cables PLC speaking at the unveiling ceremony of the product said, Kelani Cables always introduces a product to the market after a thorough study of the real needs and wants of the consumers and professionals
in the country.

“The marketplace has many products. But the need to modify the existing products and come out with innovations is needed. The revamped products our company has introduced in recent times catered to the needs of the market and are superior ones. CFL and LED bulbs and Insulating tapes that we introduced recently are different to similar products in the marketplace and are best examples”, he said.

“Especially when we introduced the Insulating tape it became immensely popular among electricians because the product has many superior features. Similarly when we did a research on Masking Tapes we found the need by the market for a superior product which is hassle free for painters. Hence we designed the ‘Kelani Masking Painter’s Tape’ to cater to the needs of painters. This product is doesn’t have any limitations that other products in the market has.

Hence we recommend the ‘Kelani Masking Painter’s Tape’ to all painters in the country and request them to experience the difference by using it in their work”, he added. Kelani Cables PLC is a one hundred percent Sri Lankan company serving the nation for 50 years manufacturing electrical and communication cables. The company achieved “Super Brands” status in the electrical and telecommunication sector in 2008 for professional
supremacy it demonstrated in the electrical and communication cables sphere.

Kelani Cables PLC is the proud recipient of ISO 9000:2008 certification for quality, ISO 14001:2004 for better environment management, National Standards award and the gold winner of Taiki Akimoto 5S award. And Also Kelani Cable PLC won the ‘World Class Global Performance Excellence Awards’.

In 2015 Kelani Cables PLC was conferred with the Asia’s Best Employer Brand award. Kelani Cables was recognized for sustainable development at the National Green Awards in 2015. The company bagged Silver award for best organizational CSR brand under the B2B brand category at the SLIM Brand Excellence awards in 2015.

In 2012, Kalanai Cables PLC clinched the bronze award for the excellent business brand category at the SLIM Brand Excellence. It clinched gold at the SLIM Brand Excellence once again in 2013 for the same category. The company secured gold at the SLITAD People Development – 2013 award ceremony for the contribution it has made towards training and development of the work-force plus up-keeping their welfare.

National HR Excellence Silver award in 2016 and Green Reporting Gold award at the Presidential Environmental Awards in the same year are other achievements.

Kelani Cables PLC is one of the first companies in Sri Lanka that took oaths to adhere to National Green Reporting System. As a green oriented and socially responsible company, Kelani Cables PLC has been certified to use the ‘Responsible Care’ label which has added immense value to the company’s reputation in the export market sector.

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